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A versatile DOP and specialist drone operator with a passion for creating visually compelling content for some of the biggest names in the industry. Known for delivering impactful cinemaphotography across diverse formats, from wildlife, commercial to documentary. 

With an eye for detail and commitment to delivering exceptional visual narratives, I thrive on pushing creative boundaries while collaborating closely with teams and clients to achieve the desired vision.

I have worked for major broadcasters and streaming services, creating content for the BBC, Love Nature, Curiosity Stream, C4, SKY and more. I have extensive experience directing and shooting sync, working with contributors, script writing, planning sequences, contributing to story development and direction, and excellent knowledge of varied camera systems, specialist steady-cam gimbal, and motion control time-lapse systems, camera traps, specialist drone operations and more. 

I am a qualified and experienced drone operator with proficiency in complex drone operations in urban, marine, jungle, and arctic environments with excellent knowledge seeking drone permissions in the UK and abroad. I have over 300+ hours of flight time using both the Mavic and DJI Inspire 2 and 3  systems as a solo operator. I personally filmed wild snow leopards from the air, Killer whales and cetaceans, as well as jungle and mountain predators. As an expert pilot I am well versed in marine take off and landings with both, Dji Inspire 2 and Inspire 3, filming, wildlife, people and vehicles in any situation. I have recently operated an inspire 2 drone with a custom payload to deliver cameras to snow leopard kills in Mongolia to capture unique behavior and sync.  

I am an expert camera trapper, working with state of the art technology to capture intimate behavior of wild snow leopards, Jaguars, Tapir and much more, major broadcasters and streamers. 

I have worked in some of the most remote and difficult places on the planet and have experience shooting in the arctic, jungle, desert, marine, and high-altitude environments, as well as conflict work. In these environments, I have filmed both presenter-led, observational and natural history sequences to create unique stories, using 4 axis stabilized systems and drone operations to push production values and create compelling and dynamic films.

I also run an expedition company taking people to some of the most remote areas of the world, Snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan and Ladakh, Chimpanzees in Cote d'Ivoire and rare jungle wildlife in Guyana. 

I have excellent wildlife expertise in, UK, Central Asia, and the south american jungles of Guyana. 




  • DJI RS3


  • Canon R6MKII


  • Fuji X100s


  • DJI Inspire 2, + Prores and Cinedng 


  • DJI  Mavic Pro 3


  • GVC Drone License​ UK + EU A2cofc

  • Sea Survival certificate

  • Driving licence 

  • Dual nationality: UK/French​


  • Camera systems: RED, ARRI, Sony, Canon, Ronin, DJI Inspire

  • Long lens, Gimbals, Fly cam, Mo co time-lapse, large jib and crane set-ups, time lapse

  • Software: Adobe, DaVinci Resolve, Lightroom 


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