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Chris Beard camerman, dop, drone operator


UK-based camera operator, director, and drone pilot specializing in natural history, factual, and expedition filmmaking. 

With over 8 years of experience creating content for the BBC, Channel 4, BBC Earth, The One Show, Attitude magazine, Silverback and much more, here in the UK but also in some of the most difficult and remote environments on the planet, spanning commercials, narrative work, and live broadcast. My credits reflect the versatility of my skill base, and my ability to operate in a range of different shooting styles. 

I have expertise shooting in arctic, jungle, desert, and high-altitude environments, as well as some conflict work. I shoot natural history as well as presenter-led and observational documentaries. I have a good working knowledge and experience capturing wildlife behavior, working with large predators in remote locations all over the planet, and shooting often difficult and sensitive subject matter with hard-to-access human-led stories. 

I have experience tracking and locating snow leopards, jaguars, and other large mountain and jungle predators, as well as an excellent knowledge of British wildlife behavior.

I am the co-founder of Wild Expeditions Ltd and run expeditions to spot, film, and photograph snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan, Chimpanzees in Cote d'Ivoire, and jaguars in Guyana. We Target places with little to no eco-tourism and help build sustainable jobs for local people in areas desperately in need of environmental protection, working closely with local organizations to make sure our expeditions have the maximum benefit to the local environment. 

As a drone pilot, I have over 100 hours of flight time using both the Mavic 2 and DJI INSPIRE 2 as a solo operator. 



  • SONY FS7


  • Panasonic GH5 + NINJA V 


  • DJI RS3


  • Canon R6MKII


  • Fuji X100s


  • DJI Inspire 2, + Prores and Cinedng 


  • DJI  Mavic Pro 2 

Licenses and proficiencies 

  • Dual nationality: UK/French

  • GVC Drone License​ UK + EU A2cofc



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