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Portfolio Highlights 

Attitude, brand, logo
BBC EARTH brand and logo
Guyana Tourism board brand and logo
Freeborne brand and logo
Princes trust, brand and logo
Sachtler logo and brand
ITN logo brand
Vice logo, brand
Car y Mor logo and brand
VISIT Wales - 2022 - 2023 - DOP

Aerials and ground  - selected shoots around Wales covering, famous sights, landscapes, castles and Wildlife 

Attitude & freeborne media - SEA OUR FUTURE - DOP

A fashion shoot with Bimini Bombulash and Attitude magazine 

leica - DOP

Product shots in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, of their latest binoculars, using them to spot snow leopards 


A short film showcasing Satclers latest Activ head tripod, shot while filming Snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan. Aerials and Sync. 


Directed a short documentary, following a grime artist, discussing substance abuse in the music industry and his need to stop smoking for the benefit of his daughter. 

Cari mor - Morango films 

Short ad campaign for Car y Mor, a farm that creates plastic from the seaweed they farm - Aerials, ground, sync, IV's, and underwater shots. 

Guyana tourism board

5 Short social media films showcasing the remote beauty of Guyana, Aerials, Wildlife and ground. 

Visit Wales - Skomer - DOP

Shots of puffins in spring, as part of an advertising campaign for visit wales 

BBC Earth - Our green planet 

Short series of profiles following the stories of amazing conservationists around the UK and Europe, Impact campaign in conjunction with BBC NHU Green Planet.

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